About Us

Company Origins

Evans Clarke National (Formerly Evans & Clarke Auctions) has operated in the industry continuously, since 1933, as an auctioneering and valuation company. In 1993 the Company was purchased by the current shareholders. The company ACN059144286 Pty. Ltd. was formed to take over the trading activity.

In Depth Knowledge of the Industry

Since 1993, under the new management, the company has expanded to incorporate a larger range of Vendors, particularly Corporate and Government, and has led the way in meeting the needs of its clients.

In 2002 Evans & Clarke Auctions & Dominion Auctions & Valuations (SA) Merged to become the one of the biggest forces within the industry. Accordingly there has been an effective transfer of operational and industry experience into the current operations. A substantial, effective knowledge base has resulted.

Location & Facilities

The Company is operating and based from large premises at 616 Torrens Road, Woodville North SA 5012 (formerly Email Limited SA Corporate Offices and warehouses). The property is a substantial construction, with over 8,000 square metres of warehouse space, 1000 square metres of air-conditioned display salesrooms, and 2,000 square metres of administrative offices. The total holding is 23,000 square metres.