At Evans Clarke National your privacy is of upmost importance to us.  ECN shares your concerns when disclosing your personal information and will not disclose your personal information to a third party unless required to do so in the normal course of business in making our services available to you.

We will supply your information to another party for the following purposes:
To our courier company to arrange for the dispatch of your purchases, however we require them to keep this information confidential.  In addition, your details may be passed on to third parties where necessary, for the purpose of processing and collecting any amounts which may become payable by you to us.

Collecting Information
By registering for any service or auction with Evans Clarke National you consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this privacy statement.  Evans Clarke National collects personal information provided by you or your employees when you enquire, register for any Auctions, buy, sell or register for our mailing list. We may use this information to contact you with sale information or for marketing statistics. Please be assured that Evans Clarke National does not sell personal details to any third party and personal information received from you is stored in a system that is not connected to the Internet and is not accessible in any way by a third party.

Please note the transmission of all personal information is protected using SSL encrypted transmission between your Web browser and our Web server.

When an ECN web page is requested and viewed, that request is logged on our servers with information including the IP address of the computer that requested the page. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique string of numbers that identifies a computer or server on the Internet. These numbers are normally shown in groups separated by periods. Your IP address is stored in our bidder database whenever you place a bid, and may be used for various purposes including:-
- To increase the level of customer security. IP addresses can be used to validate your bids.
- Diagnose service or system problems reported by our users that may be associated with IP addresses controlled by a specific Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The information contained on this website is subject to copyright and can only be re-produced for the purpose gathering sale information in relation to purchasing items, for example printing catalogues or photos.

By viewing or downloading any information from the Evans Clarke National site or any sites you may be directed to from this site you accept that you do so at your own risk. Evans Clarke National takes no responsibility if any damage is caused to your hardware or software and you will not hold Evans Clarke National responsible for any damages.

The Evans Clarke National website may contain errors, faults, incorrect information or be incomplete for whatever reason and the use of this site is done entirely at your own risk.

By using this site, you, your company and employees agree that no claims will be made against Evans Clarke National nor its Directors, Staff or Contractors for any damages suffered, personal or financial, due to the content displayed on this website.

Direct Marketing
Your personal information collected may be used by Evans Clarke National to contact you, to inform you of what we believe is relevant sale information. You can update your user profile categories when you register, to help us provide more accurate and relevant information to you. Go to your account to update your user profile or to unsubscribe from Evans Clarke National updates.