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4 Jeanes Street, Beverley SA 5009, Australia

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Robot Cell H

  • Robot , Kuka Model No. KR 180-2 2000, Year of Manufacture: 2009
  • Drawn Arc Stud Weld Controller, Emhart Technologies Model No. DCE 1800/5 2000.00.99.0400x, Year of Manufacture: 2009
  • Drawn Arc Stud Gun, Model No. LM 310/k 00.03, Year of Manufacture: 2009
  • Drawn Arc Stud Gun, Model No. LM 310/k 47.03, Year of Manufacture: 2009
  • 2x Stud Feeder, Model No. ETF 50D, Year of Manufacture: 2009
  • Auto Glue, Graco Model No. 231115, Year of Manufacture: 1996
  • Auto Glue, SCA Model No. 0642 1003, Year of Manufacture: 2010
  • Linear Track/Rotator/Jig Carriage, Custom built, Year of Manufacture: 2009
  • Projection Welder, Obara Model No. RT452H-405-U, Year of Manufacture: 1995
  • Weld Timer, Nadex Model No. PH2-9033, Year of Manufacture: 1999
  • From working Environment


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 Auction Description

Automotive Parts Manufacturer Major Onsite Clearance - EOI Presses, Feeder/Uncoilers, Weld Cells, Robots, Plant & Equipment

Under instructions from Precision Components Australia Pty Ltd

EOI Closes: Thursday 31st January 2019, unless sold prior

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Inspection:  By Appointment

Location: 4 Jeanes Street, Beverley SA 5009

Contact: Andrew Monks on 0414 340 399 Precision@biddingonline.com.au

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Collection: By Appointment as arranged with Evans Clarke National post closure of auction.

Payment: All assets must be paid for in full prior to any work commencing onsite.

Asset Removal: It is the purchasers responsibility to remove all purchased lots from site. This includes all asset preparation for transport.

Tradespeople and Contractors: All (e.g. electricians, plumbers, riggers, equipment operators) must produce relevant licences and/or white card prior to the commencement of any work on site.

Tooling, Plant & Equipment: Any equipment used onsite in the removal of purchased items must be tested & tagged, and/or compliant with OHW&S legislation and requirements,

Onsite Work: All work carried out onsite must be compliant with all OHW&S legislation, appropriate PPE must be utilised as required or specified.

Site Access: All site attendees must comply with directions given by the Vendor or Auction Staff

Environmental Compliance: All removal, disassembly of assets and work conducted onsite must be compliant with the Environmental Protection Act 1993