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Track Chair Components -Sold As One Lot -Proto Type Part of Track Chair- Motors,Wheels ,Pair of Rubber Tracks - ( Located At Albert Park Sa )

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Albert Park SA, Australia
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Qty of 38- Track Rubber -250 mm Wide x 1200 mm long ,

38 Plastic 340 mm Sprocket Wheels

Qty of -8 Deep Cycle 75 ah Batteries

,Qty.1 Deep cycle 65 ah Battery

,Qty..1 Deep 55 ah Cycle battery ,

Qty.of 316 -PLASTIC 140 mm Wheels

,Qty.of 19 taper bush -bore size 19 mm,

Qty.of 3 brushes 110 mm (40-8m-30,)

Qty.of 18 Light Switches

,Qty.of 147 Plastic 180 mm Wheels,

Qty.of 5 Planetary Gears -Large Spline 4.1 Ratio (120-4m-hn)

Qty.of 9 Planetary Gears-Small Spline with 7 Spacers ,(120-4 m- hh)

,Qty of 231 Stainless Steel 200 mm Axles ,

Qty.of Asstd.Components include Poly chain Carbon Belts ,Taper Bushes,Poly chain Sprockets ,Bearings ,Bolts,Track Roller Bearings ,Amp Flow Speed controller,Amp Flow Motor (a28-150),Amp Flow Motor (a28-400-Team Whyachi twm3 gear box ,Amp Flow Motor with Gear Box (- A2-400)joy stick,


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